We offer fast and convenient cash transactions for your cryptocurrency needs.
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How does Milways work?

Simply send your personal information and company documents (if applicable) to us and set up an account.

What can I exchange via Cash?


Frequently asked questions

Yes, you are required to conduct transactions with a minimum conversion of HK$10,000 or its equivalent.

At Milways, we take our commitment to financial compliance seriously. In accordance with anti-money laundering regulations, all customers must register an account prior to conducting any exchanges on our platform.

You can convert your USDT and USDC to fiat cash, namely HKD, RMB/CNY, USD, SGD, MYR, JPY, KRW, AED, and PHP, and assets, namely diamonds, and gold.

Yes, you are required to visit our office to conduct the transactions in cash.

You can contact us via Whatsapp or Telegram to know other rates.

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